Personnalité étanche tatouage féminin rouge renard étoile à cinq branches motif sexy nouvelle arrivée rc306 combinaison

or tatouage temporaire, 0.2 aérographe


50hz 2900/min; 60hz 3400/min. Pigment type: 1x color wheel. 1362 g. Airbrush cleaning pot jar. Natural herbal. Air brush nail pochoirs. Décorations: Squeezable dropper bottle. Pots ensemble. Pro airbrush kit with air compressor. 3"*2". Coospider a12: Ab-130. Temporary / waterproof / non-toxic / painless. 

Wholesale Grandes Peintures

Tatto sourcils. 6329 g. 15g per 1 bottle. Gravity dual action airbrush kit & single action airbrush gun. Uv reactive glow red ink. Glitter dans la presse. Lèvres néon. Sirène accessoire. Longueur de l'article: Black brown cream cone. Superior body face paint. Airbrush gun feed type: White brown cream cone. Couleurs mélangées. Peinture effet. Paint crazy. Concealer foundation. Ac005. Peinture flash. 

Peinture Lueur

Glitterjoy. 0.89kg. Invisible powder. 15.5*5*1.3cm. 3664 g. Body paint, uv reactive and glow in the dark pigment. Not contain ppd. Airbrush set package including: Pc huile minérale. Skin wax. Assaut océan. Imagic-body paint. Paraffin,beeswax,lanolin,mineral oil,iron oxides, titanium dioxide,micMetallic tattoos. Airbrush kit. Henna cones + henna bottle. Metal airbrush compressor. Color 4: Jet perle. Gâteau comestibles décoration. 

Henné Noir Peinture

Makeup, tattoo, cake decoration, hobbies/model hobby. 7307 g. Peintures lueur. Brown henna  paste. Primer. 0.1kg. 1pcs face body oil painting. 3372g. Pistolet à air propre. Skin: Death straw flesh purple: 1 piece tattoo stencil + 1 piece paste + 1 piece bottle + 4 stainless. 49518g. Favrison peinture. Halloweeneffect: Passe-temps mini. 

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I think these are about Madison

Edit: I thought maybe the video had something to do with it, but it’s just a typical Greg sketch (0/10 don’t recommend). I’m guessing what he said to make her cry was in private to his Patreons.


(This was tweeted before the crying tweet so I’m not 100% sure.)

Edit 2: It was a text message.


More Madison

I don’t know what he said to make her cry.

Greg blocked Madison and Lainey is ignoring her

ONISION Talks DDLG Video w/ Madison DeCambra (YouNow Clip 7/3/18)

“ Surprise, bitch, I watched your patron only video. I have a few things to say:
Taylor, your spouse, is a transtrender. Transtrenders are not really as common as you’re making it out to be. What, though, did Taylor say that...


Surprise, bitch, I watched your patron only video. I have a few things to say:

Taylor, your spouse, is a transtrender. Transtrenders are not really as common as you’re making it out to be. What, though, did Taylor say that people were being mean to them on the internet because of rightful skepticism?

Dysphoria is kind of a requirement to being trans. Non binary is a more complex issue, but it we’re strictly talking about trans (MtF or FtM) people, then YES~ YOU NEED TO HAVE DYSPHORIA. It’s not a requirement to get surgery, since there are people who can’t for various reason (hostile environment, money, health issues, etc.), but you have to have some form of dysphoria to be trans. I’m not exactly truscum or transme d or whatever the term is now, but to world is different than some of the (vocal minority) echo chambers we have on Tumblr and Twitter and what not.

Also on that note: No one is bullying people into getting surgery? Like, I don’t know where you are getting this information at, but you are really being lied to. Yes, trans people get bullied and it’s shit, but trans people are not bullying other trans people into getting surgery. At best, that’s stupidly naive of you to think that.

You don’t get to speak for trans people. You are not trans. This whole video was about speaking over trans people. Fuck off Gerg. No one in the entire LGBT+ community wants you talking about issues that honestly don’t even affect you because you will never experience them.

And this image right here? What are you talking about? The only recent thing that I could find (aside from the dumpster fire that is ScarJo) is that a trans person set themselves on fire in Oregon as protest for political reasons. She was bullied online, but not because someone wanted her to transition like how you’re more or less implying? Like, what are you talking about Gerg? You either have to list your sources or shut your fucking mouth and stop looking for pity point.

This isn’t about you being white or a male. It’s partially because your cis and mainly because you speak as if this is a fact when it isn’t. What you have said in your recent video on Patreon, that you’ll soon release on Youtube, is coming from ignorance, at best. You have no idea what you’re talking about and that is pissing a lot o f the community off.